W.H. Auden Motivation – Mastery and Playing on our Strengths

A few weeks back I posted a couple videos of Marcus Buckingham, a well-known speaker whose main mantra is for all individuals to “play on their strengths” and therefore live a much more fulfilling life.  I couldnt agree more with this notion.  As Hiring Manager for our sales organization, I can’t help but notice the countless job applicants who are trying to pursue a career they have no business pursuing!  We use various personality assessment tests in our hiring process, and without fail we consistently see the wrong people going after the wrong jobs.  How does this happen?  If someone could solve this age-old issue, they would be a billionaire.  If everyone was working in a career they loved and excelled in, the world would be firing on all cylinders.  But let’s save this philosophical debate for another day, and let’s focus on identifying with and being passionate about what WE ARE DOING TODAY.  And if we are doing something we hate, let’s make a change?  Why not?  Below is an excerpt from a book I am reading by Daniel Pink, entitled “Drive”The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us“.  It’s a poem by W.H. Auden, and focuses on that “it” factor you see when someone is obviously living the life they were called to live.  How many lawyers have you seen that wish they were mechanics?  How many salespeople who wish they were in an entirely different career?  With passion comes money…do something you love and the money will follow.  Be the best in your niche.  Master your craft.  Just dont be miserable.  The choice is yours.

“You need not know what someone is doing
to know if it is his vocation,

you have only to watch his eyes:
a cook mixing a sauce, a surgeon

making a primary incision,
a clerk completing a bill of lading

wear the same rapt expression, forgetting
themselves in a function

How beautiful it is,
that eye-on-the-object look.”
-W.H. Auden