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Apple Motivation Circa 1997

Fast Tube by Casper

Inc. Magazine’s 35 under 35

Inc. Magazine – 35 under 35    Enjoy. – 10 Great Guest Blog Posts

No better place to look for great content on sales & marketing than  Some solid thought-provoking posts below.

10 Great Sales & Marketing Posts via SFDC

It’s 2023 and a Day-old Startup Just Sold for $1Billion

Interesting article below.  Do you think this is really possible?  I tend to disagree potentially, and feel that some of these sky high valuations will be tempered much like real estate prices a few years back.  That said, this is the motivation room so you’ve got to be inspired by the potential for greatness today’s (and tomorrow’s) world affords us all!

LinkedIn Upside…A Case in Disruption

LinkedIn Strategy

To me, one of the most disruptive technologies in the past 10 years is LinkedIn.  I don’t have the specific data, but more and more “members” are improving their profiles and taking the upside of the platform more serious on a daily basis.  Look no further than PeopleLinx, for example, who is growing a successful SaaS business helping organization harness the tool.

What’s Changed in Sales? The Sales Manager – By Bob Marsh, in Inc. Magazine

One of the more poignant articles we’ve seen in a while from one of the best doing it….Bob Marsh of LevelEleven (

The Future of Disruptive Technologies – Top 5 Trends for Cloud-Focused VC’s

Great article below on some top trends for Cloud-Focused VC’s. For those not in the tech community, all this means is the world is changing fast and disruptive technologies will continue to shape all of our futures. For these in the tech community, this is a solid article that details some specific sectors in SaaS and PaaS that have investors excited.

East Coast Startups on the Rise…

Nothing better than watching disruptive companies change the world as we know it, except for “helping” disruptive companies change the world as we know it.  Good to see more and more articles like this being written, and more and more companies (and VC’s) making it happen.

East Coast Startups on the Rise

Creating your outliers…


Be Ten Times Better (by David Kidder, the Startup Playbook)

What do you do that is or could be 10 X better than the competition….?

Be Ten Times Better (by David Kidder)

“…..The reality is that you need an atomic-grade weapon in your arsenal that can destroy the military–grade protections the incumbents arsenal have erected to keep you away from their customers.  If you’re wondering why customers are not flocking to your start-up, it is likely because you have not figured out how to beat those defense systems.”

Luckily, there is a simple way to win.  And by simple, I mean it is absolutely the most difficult thing you have to accomplish for your start-up to thrive: be ten times better than your competitors.  You cannot be incrementally better.  Incrementalism kills companies.  Your entire organization must focus on an area of strength where you can compete with your competitors and radically differentiate your company by being ten times better than anyone else in the world.