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Innovation – Dreamforce 2014 Opening Video

Another great opening video @ Dreamforce 2014.

Fast Tube by Casper

Apple Motivation Circa 1997

Fast Tube by Casper

It’s 2023 and a Day-old Startup Just Sold for $1Billion

Interesting article below.  Do you think this is really possible?  I tend to disagree potentially, and feel that some of these sky high valuations will be tempered much like real estate prices a few years back.  That said, this is the motivation room so you’ve got to be inspired by the potential for greatness today’s (and tomorrow’s) world affords us all!

What’s Changed in Sales? The Sales Manager – By Bob Marsh, in Inc. Magazine

One of the more poignant articles we’ve seen in a while from one of the best doing it….Bob Marsh of LevelEleven (

The Trend That Is Changing Sales

Awesome article from Harvard Business Review.  Generally speaking, we are seeing this trend with many of our clients, and are living proof of the shift.  That said, there will always be a place for face to face meetings spanning a variety of industries and sales cycles.

10 Lessons for Design Driven Success – Fast Company

Great article from FastCompany about design driven success…How will you embrace the next wave of innovation?

10 Lessons for Design Driven Success

10 Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs (Courtesy of Inc. Magazine)

Here are 10, what are yours?

10 Eye Opening Books For Entrepreneurs

10 Ways Workplace 2020 Will Affect You

Article as posted on CareerBuilder’s blog, The Hiring Site. Pay attention business owners and entrepreneurs, because with all change comes either opportunity for success or failure.

How Workplace 2020 Will Affect You


What Makes A Cool Office?

Great article by Christine Lagorio, Inc. Magazine, about the future of “work” and the major importance of the physical work environment.

What Makes A Cool Office?

A CMO, CIO, and CDO walk into a bar…

Interesting (and relevant) article about the Rise of the Chief Digital Officer. For those with the right mix of technical skills, marketing flare, and business savvy, the future is bright.