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Things We Should Be Able To Say

  • I always act with a purpose.
  • I take responsibility for my results.
  • I stretch myself past my limits daily.
  • I don’t wait for perfection; instead, I act now.
  • I learn more from my failures than my successes.
  • I take my job seriously, but I do not take myself too seriously.
  • I use rejection to renew my humility and sharpen my objectivity.
  • I use both negative and positive feedback to keep on target.
  • I am careful about what I put into my mind and body.
  • I seek out people who are similarly motivated to improve themselves.

Personal Mission Statements – “Why” Are You Here?


Walt Disney – My mission in life is to make people happy.

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google – My mission is to collect all the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone.

Anitra Freeeman , Artist – I believe creativity is the essence of being human. I believe I make myself, and I won’t but my soul off the rack.”

Phil Knight, Founder, Nike – My mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Rebecca Jones, Rancher – My mission is to protect and save early American farm animals such as the American Guinea hog and the Ben Frankling turkey from extinction.